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Connect is a business model that enables our clients to create a quality, efficient and organized business platform within a single software system. We provide a variety of modules within the program that allow you to edit and link all parts of the business from manufacturing, warehousing, wholesale, retail, accounting, human resource management, fleet management, project management, costing, tasks and many more. The possibilities for reporting and creating workflows are limitless, and we are especially proud of being able to adapt to your way of doing business to the maximum, not the other way around. Let us help you arrange and organize your business, which will bring benefits to both your company and your employees, and make you stronger and more representative on the free market. Get started today in the world of paperless offices with the tools that sell!


For your successful business, we implement an ERP system. All modules within the ERP application are interconnected so all business processes can run on the same platform. Process management is faster, easier and with far fewer errors due to automation. Commit to more important tasks with better organization and improved business overview.

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Online sales systems that are fully integrated with ERP. Real time data narrows the space for error. Special attention was given to high quality SEO, that helps customers easier reach to your product. Our designers will make your web store simple, attractive and efficient, while developers will solve the complexities of your workflow. Start a store that really sells!

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In the SME segment, it is a challenge to assemble a team to adequately maintain and input data into the system. Placing product and service information in an appropriate way for successful sales is often not an easy task. Certainly Connect has a solution for these situations, and as part of the Maintenance Agreement, we perform professional data maintenance.

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We have trained top sales agents. We work continuously on sales skills of our agents and train them specifically for your campaigns. The Connect system uses advanced VoIP technology and a PBX system in the cloud, making it easier to track the efficiency. All our sales reps have digital marketing and sales knowledge. So sit back and let the work to the professionals.

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In order to be able to provide you with astonishing eCommerce and web site solutions we have to have best designers in our team. And our designer team do not work only on the front-end of the eCommerce or web pages, they also support you with perfect materials for your business. So, photography of the products, design of your labels, catalogues, brochures, leaflets, flyers, 3D models .. they all come into the same bucket for them. No task is to hard, and we love challenges.

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Many companies struggle with the right strategy in putting their products on the market. Or even more so, the right presentation of their own company. That's why we have come up with the team of experts to help you create best campaigns and best possible solutions how to approach market and your target customers. Feel free to engage with us and let us create the best strategies that will launch your company and your product/service into the right direction.

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Our starter packages


$ 2,860 .00

/ one time
  • Complete system ERP & eCommerce
  • Out of the Box solution for starter companies
  • Customization is optional
  • Support is optional


$ 4,359 .00

/ one time
  • ERP & ADVANCED eCommerce
  • Advanced sales modules in eCommerce
  • Limited customization
  • Email support


$ 230 .00

/ month
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • A sales commission is within contact
  • Newsletter & Social network support
  • Data management support

Marketplace platforms

that we run

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

HoReCa Point

Marketplace system for the Hotel, Restaurants and Caffe. If you are selling the equipment, the food or anything that you can offer for this line of business, you can list in your products or simply create your page on this marketplace platform. horeca-point.com

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